piQtility 4.7.0

piQtility is much more than a picture viewer, renaming and sorting tool or html web gallery maker.

piQtility more than a viewer, rename, resize or watermark tool with photo filters, Photos® assistant or html web album creat

piQtility: a smart and powerful, picture utility.

A peace of software every mac user needs.

The image viewer let you:

- browse thru your photo collection and sort the pictures in subfolders manualy or by using slideshow functionality

- watermark pictures using text or image/logo/illustration

- powerful resize and crop functionality

- apply photo filters: black & white, sepia, vintage, chrome,...

- apply rounded corners to a picture, or create a perfect circle of ellipse

- sort pictures (manualy or in batch mode)

- inspect metadata and edit EXIF user comment field

- share pictures with Messages, Facebook®, Twitter®,...

- batch upload picture to iPhoto®, Photos® while adding: key words, title, description, favorite label

Slideshow functionality included, which can also be used as automatic picture browser, while sorting in subfolders.

- safe picture adding file tags as introduced in Mac OS X 10.9

And there is more !

piQtility contains a lot of file renaming possibilities, such as:

- strip file names

- change and replace parts of file names

- add text

- numbering (sequencing)

piQtility contains basic image manipulation, such as:

- resize

- crop

- color conversion

- file type conversion

- framing

- created rounded corners, a circle or an ellipse

piQtility let you make web gallery pages/picture catalogs

of hundreds of pictures in just a few seconds !



piQtility 4.7.0